A 16-year-old girl sells her hair to buy oxygen for her grandfather, who has COVID-19

Mexico Raised about 100 euros

Ana Paola, a 16-year-old girl from Mexico, is one of nine members of her family that have tested positive for COVID-19, but she looked to help her grandfather who has the virus by selling her hair.

Her grandfather and uncle have been seriously affected by COVID-19, with the former having spent more than 40,000 pesos (more than 1,600 euros) on treatment and care against coronavirus.

The disease is compounded by his diabetes, which requires oxygen to sustain his life, so Ana Paola knew she had to do something.

She couldn’t think of anything better than selling her hair via social media, and she ended up receiving 2,500 pesos (a little over 100 euros) for it.

“We had to get oxygen. I saw the adults in my family worried that it was expensive, they were all putting the money together,” Ana Paola recalled.

“So, I asked my sister if she could take a picture of me so I could upload it on Facebook and sell my hair.”

However, her fight is not over as this is not enough to buy an oxygen dispenser that can run for more than 24 hours. This costs twice as much.

“We need an oxygen concentrator and a larger capacity bottle,” she recognised, as she once again turns to social media.

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