A freezing Wanda Metropolitano: Exercise bikes and heaters for substitutes

Atletico vs Sevilla Atletico hosted Sevilla

Heaters and exercise bikes were provided for the subs.
Heaters and exercise bikes were provided for the subs.

The snow may have stopped falling in Madrid but the cold was still very much noticeable as Atletico Madrid took on Sevilla at the Wanda Metropolitano on Tuesday night.

Temperatures fell to three degrees below zero, in conditions very rarely before seen in the Spanish capital.

Most players on the pitch wore as many layers as they possibly could, from gloves, thermal shirts and leggings.

However, there were a few brave soldiers like Koke, Mario Hermoso and Jesus Navas who went with short sleeved shirts and refused to wear gloves.

With substitutes needing to keep warm in case they needed to come on at any moment in the game, exercise bikes and heaters were provided.

The warm-up exercises intensified at half-time, with the fitness coaches of either side putting the players through a rigorous routine.

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