Alexa saves bodybuilder’s life after being knocked unconscious

Tech Suffered burst veins

Dante McNulty
Dante McNulty

British bodybuilder Dante McNulty saw Amazon’s Alexa saving his life after he was knocked unconscious on the ground with his legs bent.

The 40-year-old tripped down the staircase and after rolling down the steps he was left unconscious on the ground for six hours.

McNulty suffered burst veins and couldn’t feel his limbs as blood flow was cut off, causing a life-threatening condition known as acute compartment syndrome.

When he came around, McNulty realised that the only way to call for help was through Amazon’s Alexa.

“I felt paralysed,” he said after the incident. “I shouted to my Amazon Echo – which is linked to my phone – to call my friend.

“Thank God my wifi was working that day.”

Alexa proceeded to dial his friend who subsequently called paramedics to go to the bodybuilder’s house and take him to hospital.

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