Ancelotti explains why he didn’t celebrate Bernard’s goal

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Ancelotti explains why he didn't celebrate Bernard's goal

Carlo Ancelotti delivered one of the season’s finest standout moments in midweek.

As Bernard scored Everton‘s fifth goal in extra time of their 5-4 FA Cup victory over Tottenham Hotspur, the Italian was picture coolly blowing on his tea as the Everton bench erupted around him.

Expectedly, though, Ancelotti had a perfectly valid explanation for his lack of celebration.

“I was drinking tea because I was freezing,” he said at a press conference on Friday, “and after 90 minutes I was not able to talk because I was really cold.

“I asked for a cup of tea and when Bernard scored the goal, I didn’t celebrate for two reasons.

“I had the cup of tea in my hand and secondly I did not know if it was allowed or not, because there was a check for offside.

“I was calm and cool for this reason, but first of all it was so cold.”

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