Ancelotti: James doesn’t need to improve the physical side, he has to keep his quality

Premier League The coach discussed the player’s adaptation

Ancelotti and James
Ancelotti and James

James Rodriguez started off brilliantly in the Premier League, but his drop-off in form has led to questions over whether or not he can handle the physical side of English football.

Asked about this in a press conference on Monday, his coach Carlo Ancelotti dismissed the suggestion that the Colombian needs to bulk up.

“He has to train properly, as he trained the last week, and he has to play,” Ancelotti said when asked what James needs to get back to 100 percent.

“He’s used to keeping a good condition.

“The fact that he played 99 minutes in the FA Cup helped him to have a better condition for the future, this is for sure.

“I don’t think he has to improve his physical side. He has to keep his quality at the top and the quality is not physical.

“As I said when we signed him, I didn’t sign him because I want more physical power in the squad. It’s because I want more quality in the squad. That’s the only reason.

“There are players with more quality and players with more physicality and the work of a manager is to try to put this quality and physical and football quality and mental aspect all together to build a team.”

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