Argentina: Tevez: Sometimes I start crying at half time, it’s a very difficult time

Argentina His father is having health difficulties

Carlos Tevez, on the verge of tears

Carlos Tevez hasn’t had it easy lately, with his father suffering from a health problem in Argentina. The Boca Juniors forward’s emotions spilled over on Sunday evening, as he was on the verge of tears after their loss to Talleres Cordoba.

“It’s very hard,” Tevez said after the game. “I have a lot of very complicated feelings. For a while I feel well, then at half time I can start crying. It’s a really difficult time. I can’t explain it.”

“It’s not easy. I visit my old man on Friday or Saturday and then I have to leave to play football. I don’t know where I get the strength from. I’m strong thanks to the fans, to my family… If I wasn’t enjoying myself then I’d be staying at home.”

Boca’s supporters hung a flag with a message of support for Tevez and his family, which he appreciates. “Seeing that flag fills my heart,” he said. “It fills my soul, they’re the ones who support me.

“My family, the Boca fans, my teammates and the coaching staff are making sure that I don’t collapse, that I keep fighting. Every time I step on to the pitch I know they’re watching me and I cannot let them down.”

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