Barcelona could end season with losses of 150m euros

FC Barcelona – La Liga According to Laporta’s economic adviser

Barcelona could end season with losses of 150 million euros

Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta has said that his team calculate that Barcelona could make a loss of 150 million euros this season.

That’s why his campaign is proposing an action plan to combat the Blaugrana‘s financial woes.

“The three pillars of our action plan will be the reorganisation and reduction of debt, the control of costs and the maximisation of income,” said Laporta.

While they expect next season’s income to be back up to 65 percent of what it was pre-COVID, Laporta‘s economic adviser, Jaume Giro, doesn’t solely blame the pandemic for the club’s struggles.

Barcelona‘s problem is not just COVID-19, because in recent years Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have had better net results than Barcelona,” said Giro.

The 650 million euros Laporta‘s team see as Barcelona‘s maximum income this season is 15 percent lower than the previous board’s estimation of 791 million.

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