Barcelona: Messi stars in advert with a message for his critics

Barcelona The week after announcing he’ll stay

Lionel Messi made headlines across the world over the past few weeks as he was linked with a transfer away from Barcelona, but the forward has ultimately decided to stay at the club and has now appeared in a powerful advert.

The Argentine has taken part in a Budweiser campaign, one which spoke about the criticism made of the player throughout his career and in the past few days.

“They said moving to Spain at 13 would break him,” it started.

“They said he was too small.

“Now they say he’s grown too big.

“They say he’s stopped loving the city.

“They say his heart’s not in it.

“They say the dynasty is over.

“They say his greatness is gone.

“So, what does he say?”

The advert then shows a Messi goal and Budweiser’s “Be a king” and “Never give up on greatness” taglines.

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