Barcelona: Rivaldo: Ousmane Dembele has proved nothing at all

Barcelona Critical of Barcelona winger


Former Barcelona star Rivaldo has hit out at current Blaugrana winger Ousmane Dembele, with the Frenchman having thus far failed to reach his potential at the Camp Nou. Dembele joined Barcelona as a replacement for Neymar in 2017 for a fee of 130 million euros, but he has regularly been injured and had questions asked about his professionalism.

“He continues to get injured, he arrives late to training sessions… he should be much more responsible”, Rivaldo told Betfair when discussing Dembele. “If he was doing his job, if he was playing regularly, he would have every right to stay at Barcelona, but that is not the case. Dembele has done nothing to repay the club for the enormous effort they made in signing him”.

“The situation is complicated for Barcelona, because they spent a lot of money to bring him here. But we still haven’t seen a trace of what he displayed at Borussia Dortmund. I think he’s an extraordinary player with tremendous qualities, but if he continues along this path, he’ll end his contract without having proved anything. We will see if he makes his case to Koeman that he should be important, but it does not depend on the coach or the club; instead, the commitment that Dembele wants to have”.

Barcelona allowed Luis Suarez to leave for Atletico Madrid in order to comply with LaLiga’s salary cap, but Rivaldo thinks they will lament the decision not to sign a replacement for the Uruguayan.

“Barcelona should have made more of an effort to sign a new striker to replace Suarez, especially since they have allowed a player to leave who is still extraordinary and who clearly has the qualities to still be key”, Rivaldo said.

“I’m sure that in many league games, Barcelona have a team that is well ahead of the rest of the teams in the competition. But he [Suarez] will be sorely missed in the Champions League or in those tough matches against Real Madrid, Atletico [Madrid], Sevilla… But now it is too late to complain, because the market is closed.”

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