Barcelona want Coutinho exit

According to a recent report from Daily Mirror, Barcelona are eager to push Philippe Coutinho out of the club this summer.

The belief is that it’d be done as a matter of urgency in order to clear up any lingering debt they still owe Liverpool for his transfer. Whether or not that’s the primary reason remains to be seen, but you would’ve thought they’d give some more consideration to his actual skills on the pitch. Instead, if this is true, it feels like a transaction moreso than something being done in the name of helping the player himself.

Barca are set to have an incredibly busy summer transfer window and Coutinho was always likely to be part of that equation. He’s been back and forth with regards to what he wants to do with his own future and there are plenty of clubs out there who would jump at the opportunity to bring him on – if the price was right, that is.

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