Beckham’s response when asked if he hired Phil Neville due to their friendship

MLS Insisted he picked the best person for the job

Phil Neville arrives at Inter Miami
Phil Neville arrives at Inter Miami

Phil Neville is the new coach of David Beckham‘s Inter Miami team, a development which invited the suggestion that the English coach was only hired because of his friendship and past with the owner.

The pair played together at Manchester United and have known each other since they were teenagers.

Yet Beckham denied that their connection as a consideration as he spoke about the hiring process.

“There’s a certain culture that has to run through the academy system, into the USL and into the team and that runs through the building as well,” he said in a press conference.

“I’ve had a long history with Phil, on the field and off the field.

“I know what he’s like as a personality and I know what he’s like as a coach and I know what he’s like as a human being.

“He’s trustworthy, he’s loyal and he’s hard-working.

“I think we bring that into our club and training facility, not just to work with our first team but to work with the academy kids and USL guys and our staff and everyone.

“We have to invent a DNA that runs through this club and that was why we made the moves and decisions we’ve made in the last few weeks.”

Pressed on the issue of whether Neville was hired due to their friendship, Beckham delivered a clear response to the media assembled in the press conference.

“Of course, people are always going to turn around and say ‘it’s because he’s your friend’, but it’s nothing to do with him being my friend,” he said.

“Our ownership group don’t just employ our friends.

“We employ the best people, whether on the field of off the field.

“We’re running a serious soccer club here.

“We hire people that we think are best suited for the job.”

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