Berbatov: Bale’s return is becoming a nightmare… he’s too uncomfortable to play?

Premier League Missed FA Cup tie with Everton

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale

Former Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov has despaired at the lack of form shown by Gareth Bale since his return to the Premier League from Real Madrid.

The Welshman is rarely featuring for Jose Mourinho‘s Spurs during his loan spell, leading to questions about his future.

“A lot has been said about Bale following Mourinho‘s comments after Bale ruled himself out of playing in Spurs‘ 5-4 defeat to Everton in the FA Cup,” Berbatov wrote in his Betfair column.

“If Bale had a scan and there was a problem that may lead to an injury then I can understand why he didn’t want to play.

“If there was nothing and he was free to play, then his desire not to play is a problem.

“What does it mean to say you’re too uncomfortable to play if you are not injured? It must be translated as something.

“I don’t know what that may be, but the situation is complicated and obviously Mourinho isn’t happy.

Bale‘s return started with a lot of fanfare, but it’s slowly and surely turning out to be a nightmare.

“It’s a bad situation for the team, for the player and for the manager and that isn’t pleasant to see and watch.

“Honestly, I don’t see how this situation can be resolved, from what I have seen so far from Bale there is something lacking there.

“I don’t see how there can be a happy ending. It’s a weird situation.”

Berbatov expects the forward’s loan to end in the summer with no extension.

“If the situation continues like this then obviously he isn’t going to stay and he will go back to Real Madrid and see his contract out,” he added.

“Then, it’s about where he will go next.

“I like Gareth, I like how he played football, but at the moment he’s far away from his best and we can all see that.

“If he doesn’t find his rhythm, which he can only find by starting games, then he will be going back to Real Madrid.

“These things happen all the time in football and, seeing what he went through over the years at Real Madrid with playing and not playing and being abused by the media and fans, it’s obvious that he won’t care and he’ll fulfil his contract until the end.”

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