Bernardo Silva hits out at former coach: He is a discrediting machine

Premier League Accused of impatience of Benfica

Bernardo Silva
Bernardo Silva
Manchester City

Renato Paiva was Bernardo Silva‘s coach at Benfica but the Manchester City midfielder has hit out at his former boss as the former criticised the way he left the club.

Paiva questioned Silva’s desire for leaving the Portuguese club and also compared his attitude with that of Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix.

“Bernardo was impatient to leave [Benfica]. He didn’t want to wait,” Paiva told Canal 11.

In that same interview, on Joao Felix’s attitude, Paiva said: “It was very different.”

It didn’t take long for Silva to respond to his former coach’s comments and, needless to say, he did not agree.

“[Paiva is] a coach for whom I have a lot of respect and affection, but it does not correspond to reality,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The machine to discredit those who go up against the people upstairs remains stronger and stronger.

“After [being called] ungrateful, now I’m impatient. I’m waiting for the next one.”

Silva referred to Benfica coach Jorge Jesus, who called him “ungrateful” for criticising the president of the Portuguese club, Luis Felipe Vieira, in a statement after joining Manchester City.

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