Binotto: Vettel’s Aston Martin has a competitive advantage over Ferrari

Formula 1 Realistic expectations for 2021

Binotto: Vettel's Aston Martin has a competitive advantage over Ferrari

Ferrari‘s team principal, Mattia Binotto, fears that his side are at a disadvantage to some of their competitors in Formula 1 this upcoming season.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will race for Ferrari in 2021, with Sebastian Vettel moving on to Aston Martin (formally Racing Point).

As a result of Ferrari‘s challenges in 2021, Binotto is being realistic about his team’s chances in the constructors’ championship.

“This team has been capable of finishing second in the past five years except once third,” Binotto said.

“So, I think third is not fully impossible. And I think that should be at least our minimum objective for next season.”

“There are teams which at the moment are not limited by tokens, they’ve got free tokens – Racing Point [Aston Martin in 2021] or AlphaTauri.

“So those teams will have a competitive advantage to us and other teams, in terms of development, that we need to be fully aware of.

“Other teams will change engine manufacturers and may have an upgrade in terms of engine power which, again, we need to be aware of.

“So, the competitors will be, again, very strong next year. But as I said, I believe that we’ve got here in Maranello a strong team and I fully trust them that we can do a better job compared to what we did today.”

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