Braithwaite not leaving Barcelona?

According to a recent report from ESPN, Martin Braithwaite has said there is no chance he will be leaving Barcelona this month.

There have been many rumours circulating that Barca may look to move Braithwaite on if a good enough offer landed in their lap, but it doesn’t seem as if the striker shares that same vision with the Spanish giants. Many fans are still quite surprised that he even resides at the Nou Camp after formerly playing for Middlesbrough, but for whatever reason, they still see some value in him.

Barcelona are almost certainly going through something of a transition period right now but if they want to properly see it through, they may need to avoid making too many changes during the January transfer window. It’s a time when transfers can be incredibly tempting, but they also run the risk of upsetting a team’s momentum half-way through the season.

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