Carlos Valderrama backs Freddy Rincon in James row

Premier League Hit out at Everton playmaker

Carlos Valderrama backs Freddy Rincon in James row

Carlos Valderrama has hit out at James Rodriguez after recent remarks about the Colombian national team of the 1990s, backing former teammate Freddy Rincon.

Valderrama believes that James disrespected Rincon, whom he considers as one of the best players that Colombia have ever seen.

“[James] disrespected Freddy Rincon, the great one,” Valderrama told Blu Radio. That’s lack of respect.

“One has to have respect for the great players, the great people and history. Freddy Rincon is great, a quality player.”

Rincon was also furious after James‘ statement that his compatriot was not as skilled as the current crop of Colombia players.

“I have nothing to say about him,” Rincon noted. “Firstly because I don’t know him.

“He said that he was the best Colombian player of all time. I respect everyone’s ego and if he believes that, then I respect it.

“But after a question about Colombian players, I realised he wanted to put me down. When he was asked about me, he said ‘Freddy Rincon is below all of us’, which seemed a bit much to me.

“He has become untouchable. Whoever speaks ill of him, all of his fans are on top of.”

Meanwhile, Valderrama has praised James‘ talent, but stressed that the ex-Real Madrid player should improve his game.

“I want him to play well, to play the football that he knows how to play because he is a quality player,” Valderrama added.

James Rodriguez is a skilled player, technically well endowed, creates assists, has a good strike and has always been a scorer.

“What did he lose? He lost his game. When James got the ball, he never made a mistake and made right decisions, but now he has lost that.”

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