Casillas angry about teenager being beaten up in Paris: What kind of world is this?

France Lamented the incident on social media

A video of a 15-year-old being beaten up in a park in Paris has gone viral on social media, and Iker Casillas took to Twitter to voice his frustration.

The incident took place on January 15 when young Yuriy was attacked by 12 people after leaving his school.

According to Montpellier newspaper Midi libre, his beating could be a result of tension between rival gangs in the area.

“What kind of world is this?” Casillas pondered on Twitter. “What are we doing wrong?”

Emergency services quickly reached the scene of the attack and took the youngster to hospital, where he was induced into a coma.

“When I saw him in the fire truck, his skull was open in several places. It was really horrible,” his mother told the French media.

“He was attacked with iron bars and crutches. He told me that he did not know the individuals, that he was in pain, that he was cold and that he did not want to die.”

Yuriy’s mother created an Instagram account and called through social media to gather information about those who were responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, Antoine Griezmann also expressed his rage on social media, wishing the youngster recovers soon.

“Unbearable images,” wrote the Barcelona forward. “Yuriy, get well soon.”

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