Cristiano Ronaldo’s house in Madeira burgled for a surprising item

International Football Assailant snuck in through garage

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s home in Madeira, Portugal, was the victim of a burglary on Friday, with the robber intent on taking a rather surprising item. An individual stole a signed Juventus shirt and other items of little value from the former Real Madrid superstar’s house.

According to some Portuguese media, the assailant snuck into the home via the garage just as one of the home’s employees opened the gate. Once inside, the alleged perpetrator, who has already been identified, also seized a Cristiano baseball cap. t is reported that the man was identified by the Public Security Police (PSP) through the surveillance cameras of the house itself.

It is the house which Ronaldo and his family spend some of their holidays in and in which the Portuguese footballer, along with his partner Georgina and their children, spent a period of confinement of around a few weeks during the spring.

The house has seven floors, two Olympic-size swimming pools and a football field and is where both the player’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, and his older brother, Hugo, regularly reside, although it is unknown if either of them were inside when the robbery took place.

The last time Ronaldo was at his Madeira house was in March 2020 when a Juventus teammate tested positive for coronavirus, leading to the former Manchester United man to return to his home.

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