Dangerously prepared: The title that Atletico are going to win

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Atletico Madrid celebrate a goal
Atletico Madrid celebrate a goal

Dangerously prepared. This is the LaLiga Santander title that Atletico Madrid are going to win before Easter Sunday.

I’m not saying it. Diego Simone is saying it. If we stick to his words when the leader in play, points, victories and referee errors in favour was Real Madrid during the LaLiga season of the pandemic. It wasn’t that long ago.

Today, that speech is more related to Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan is a player who is as excellent as he is unsportsmanlike, and he is incomprehensibly the most protected by officials who appear more and more ridiculous every time Suarez plays. A note: It’s difficult to go back and find a season which featured a poorer level of refereeing as the one shown this term. It’s grotesque.

That said, Suarez brings goals and the lie of fair play. He is a difference maker and because of him, and mainly him, and his ability to decide matches where his team are playing poorly, Atletico Madrid continue to keep claiming three points.

The demand for criticism is for another time. That is what Zinedine Zidane is for, who incidentally contributes with his own behaviour and his grey nuances, which are as vague as the post-coronavirus VAR decisions that set a dangerous precedent for this league this term. Atletico Madrid will be deserved champions.

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