David Wood: Trump, like Jesus Christ, is misunderstood

Liga Endesa Former basketball star vehemently opposed election results

David Wood: Trump, like Jesus Christ, is misunderstood
David Wood: Trump, like Jesus Christ, is misunderstood

On January 6, former basketball star, David Wood, was part of the assault on the Capitol Building in Washington D.C as part of the ongoing Trump-supporter movement to rally against a democratically held election, with the 56-year-old even comparing the outgoing president to Jesus Christ.

Wood was spotted in Washington on January 6, wearing an American flag outfit and blowing a horn.

“Like Jesus Christ, Trump is misunderstood,” Wood told RAC1.

“It was an event very similar to what happened with the racial tensions over George Floyd.

“The people of the country went to each of the state capitals to complain about electoral fraud, there are more than one thousand people willing to testify in court, but the legal system is corrupt and doesn’t let us tell the story.”

When pushed on how he is going to be able to contain all this rage once Joe Biden is officially inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, Wood merely trotted out a bizarre theory.

“He will end up in prison, he will be arrested this week,” he exclaimed.

“He will not be president of the United States.

“President Trump, who won the election, will return for four more years, I am one hundred percent sure.”

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