Don’t talk about Luka Jovic today

Real Madrid – La Liga Amalio Moratalla gives his opinion

Don't talk to me about Luka Jovic today

Luka Jovic scored the same number of goals in 28 minutes of his second Eintracht Frankfurt debut as he did in a year and a half with Real Madrid.

So, the one conclusion was drawn and it was asked who was the coach who didn’t give him a chance at Real Madrid? Zinedine Zidane‘s detractors have him as the culprit for Jovic‘s situation, but if Zidane had seen that efficiency, he would have had more minutes.

The first thing to address is that Jovic scoring in the Bundesliga is good news for Real Madrid. He’s still their player, and if he can rediscover his form he could return to challenge for the Pichichi in Spain.

The second thing to note is the German side’s poor taste. Having signed the player on loan, their tweet saying that “You just had to play him…” is hard to understand. They should have said something else to give a morale boost to their new loan signing.

The third is that Jovic hasn’t convinced anyone. Real Madrid need a goalscorer, and they wouldn’t have let him leave had they seen anything that suggested he could offer more.

Fourthly, it has to be hoped that his debut wasn’t a fluke. Sometimes it’s thought that coaches spend their time sucking their thumbs, and that after hours on the training pitch they don’t know their players.

Performances of players are consequences of a series of things, but with a forward the only measurable thing is goalscoring statistics.

And Jovic, at Real Madrid, didn’t do anything. Let’s see at the end of the season if a solution has been found for Los Blancos‘ problems in front of goal. It’s straightforward.

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