Dutch government’s anti-COVID advice: Don’t cheer a goal, dance instead

Eredivisie Stopping the spread while watching TV

Dutch government's anti-COVID advice: Don't cheer a goal, dance instead

The Dutch government have urged supporters not to celebrate goals by shouting when they watch matches in their homes.

This new guidance is part of a whole new string of advice for football fans to avoid spreading COVID-19 while watching their teams play on TV.

Instead of shouting or cheering, the Dutch government is promoting jumping and dancing, as well as making noise using objects or musical instruments.

The guidance also encourages fans to raise glasses when their team scores, but only at a safe social distance to one another.

People in the Netherlands are allowed to meet in each other’s houses, but residents are advised only to have one guest at once.

There is also a curfew in place in the country between 21:00 and 4:30, which impacts prime-time TV viewing for football matches.

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