Ester Exposito’s new look as she makes it big in the US

Film Appeared on cover of Bello magazine

Ester Exposito's new look as she makes it big in the US

Ester Exposito has appeared on the cover of Bello magazine in the United States.

In the series of photographs to go with her appearance, the Spanish actress appears to have ditched her blond locks for a darker look.

Exposito is most famous for playing Carla in the Netflix series ‘Elite‘.

“This is one of the characters I’ve enjoyed playing most,” she said about her role in the series. “I will always love her and always remember her.

“There will always be a part of her in me because it was a special process for me.”

Exposito also led her voice to the campaign for women’s rights.

“I also want to fight and use my voice to keep the feminist movement moving forward,” she added.

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