FBI arrest Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol

USA They had tried to change their appearance

El FBI comienza a detener a los seguidores de Trump 'líderes' del...
El FBI comienza a detener a los seguidores de Trump ‘líderes’ del asalto al Capitolio. En la imagen, Richard Barnett

The most significant individuals that took part in the assault on the Capitol on January 6 have been arrested by the FBI.

Among them is the icon of the movement, Jacob Anthony Chansley, known as Jake Angeli. He was the person dressed up in bison skin.

Angeli is a well-known supporter of Donald Trump and is a part of the conspiracy movement QAnon, while he had frequently participated in demonstrations in support of the future former president.

One of the other activists arrested is a recently elected state official, and also Richard Barnett, who occupied the office of Nancy Pelosi and allegedly stole some letters.

In fact, Barnett changed his physical appearance after the Capitol siege, but he was identified by his neighbours. Before January 6’s events, he had participated in armed demonstrations against the election results and had been openly against COVID-19 vaccines.

In the case of Angeli, who claims to have given himself up and is proud of his actions, the musician Jamiroqai, whose image is similar to that of Angeli, issued a statement saying that he did not take part in the assault on the Capitol and was not even in Washington.

Overall, the FBI have filed charges against roughly 50 people while investigations continue. The assault on the Capitol resulted in four deaths.

Among the legislation that could be applied to them is a law that makes the destruction of federal property punishable by up to 10 years in prison. This law was passed last year by president Trump.

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