Female footballer allegedly beaten and strangled to death by former husband

Florencia Guiñazú was reportedly beaten and then strangled to death by her ex-husband before he killed himself soon after.


The 30-year-old footballer and mother of two played for Argentinian club Club Atletico Argentino de Mendoza.

According to reports from the Mirror, Guiñazú was allegedly strangled to death by her ex-husband, Ignacio Agustín Noto on the 6th of April.

The incident occurred at her home in the afternoon with her son reportedly in another room playing video games unaware of what was happening while her daughter was staying with a relative at the time.

Ignacio reportedly placed a sign on the window that read “Call 911, the children are alone”, which was spotted by neighbours.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found both Guiñazú and Ignacio dead in their room, with the latter hanging himself.

Club Atletico Argentino de Mendoza released a statement following the news, sending their condolences to her family.

“We regret the death of our player. We send our condolences to Ámbar and Milo, her children, and her family on behalf of the entire club.”

According to the report, the 30-year-old went to court against her partner in November of last year for violence.

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