First human remains from Indonesian plane crash found

Indonesia Remnants of the plane too

Indonesian authorities have reported what appear to be human remains found at the site where Air Sriwijaya’s Boeing B737-500 might have fallen.

In addition, they have located the plane’s black box flight recorder and some remains of the plane itself, which crashed into the ocean with 62 people on board.

The plane took off from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, and was heading for Pontianak on the island of Borneo. Shortly after the flight started, it disappeared from the radar at Lancang Island.

“We found objects about 20 metres down, including part of the fuselage and some life jackets,” said the commander of the Indonesian armed forces, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, on the Kompas TV network.

The head of the medical department of the Jakarta Police commented to the media that he has received a bag containing remains believed to be from the plane and a part of a body. Remains of cable that would have belonged to the plane have also been found, according to Kompas.

Local authorities are already in contact with the families of the victims to speed up the identification process. The families have arrived at the facility, which has been converted into an improvised morgue where the bodies are expected to be identified as they are recovered, if possible, from the sea.

Investigators have begun requesting DNA samples from them to facilitate the identification of the deceased.

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