Florentino Perez: UEFA need reminding of Real Madrid’s influence

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has launched another impassioned defence of the proposed Super League, taking aim at UEFA for their continued opposition to a dialogue regarding it.

Perez was one of the masterminds behind the plans which were met with universal disapproval back in April. All but three ‘founding members’ of the Super League – Real, Barcelona and Juventus – have since distanced themselves from those proposals.


UEFA intend to take disciplinary action against those three remaining clubs, though such plans are on hold while the European Court of Justice (ECJ) determines whether that in turn would be in breach of EU competition laws.

Speaking at Real’s annual general meeting, Perez said: “Maybe UEFA have to be reminded who Real Madrid are.

“UEFA have to be reminded of Real Madrid’s history. Real Madrid have participated in every necessary innovation over the years since its foundation… The current state of football leaves us no choice but to keep defending our legitimate interests.

“The virulence of UEFA’s reaction to the mere announcement [of the Super League] confirmed the necessity of the project to recover our freedom. UEFA rejected any dialogue. They threatened the clubs with penalties which were improper under the rule of law… They wanted to end the Super League, but [Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus] have carried on.”

The three rebel clubs managed to secure an injunction against UEFA via a Spanish court, referring the case to the ECJ.

Perez added: “The courts have protected the Super League, obliging UEFA to annul their disciplinary processes and leaving without effect the shameful fines imposed on the other nine clubs… Spanish justice took the case to the European courts, which will issue a binding ruling on UEFA’s monopoly. This process must seriously worry UEFA, because they have done the possible and impossible to try to stop it.

“We’ve all heard the UEFA president talk about his desire to make FFP rules more flexible. That would seriously compromise the future of the game. European clubs need independent, transparent rules, without conflicts of interest, against the growing threat of actors outside the EU who use European football to other ends. It’s fundamental that all football clubs survive on what they generate.”

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