Football Twitter goes wild as Atletico Mineiro release beautiful fan-designed kit

It’s a risky business trusting the general public to make any decision these days, so hats off to Atletico Mineiro for having it in them to let their fans design their new kit.

If a club in England decided to do that, chances are they’d end up with a drawing of Boaty McBoatface on their shorts, but it seems the Brazilians trump us lot in both the common sense and style departments.


Atletico Mineiro released their fan-designed kit for the 2021/22 season recently and it’s a thing of absolute beauty.

The shirt contains a map of Minas Gerais – the Brazilian state the club are based in – along with the writing ‘Uma Vez Até Morrer’ which is Portuguese for ‘Once Until I Die’ on the chest, and it’s fair to say it went down a treat on Twitter…

Attention soon turned to whether anyone outside of Brazil would be able to get their hands on the new Atletico Mineiro kit…

And after hours of panic with people from all over the world desperately searching for the answer, one good Samaritan finally popped up…

(Disclaimer – we’re not sure if it’s actually the right answer or not, but given people on social media are almost never wrong we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt).

Of course, nothing good can ever happen in the world without people on social media deciding to use it as a stick to beat someone else with, and it didn’t take long before people started furiously comparing the design to their own club’s shirt.

With the fan-designed kit proving to be a hit among the good people of Twitter, some supporters were found desperately pleading with their club to let their fan base design the kit for next season.

We’ve already discussed this guy, it just won’t work.

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