Formula 1 considers delaying new rules to 2023

Formula 1 Have already been delayed once

Formula 1 considers delaying new rules to 2023

Formula 1 are reportedly considering delaying the introduction of their new technical regulations by one year, to 2023.

The new rules are set to be imposed in 2022 but both Brexit and COVID-19 may have urged Formula 1 to postpone it again after doing so last year too.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, such a delay cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 have played down the rumours, insisting that the new regulations will be introduced next year.

“Any suggestion the 2022 regulations will be delayed is wrong and has not been discussed,” a F1 spokesperson to Motorsport.

“The new regulations are designed to improve competition on track and give our fans closer racing. This combined with the new financial regulations will improve F1 and create a healthier and stronger business model for the whole sport.”

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