Freddy Rincon hits out at James

Freddy Rincon hits out at James

Freddy Rincon isn’t sure that James Rodriguez is worthy of the praise he receives, and believes his fellow countryman is not the world class player he thinks he is.

The Colombian icon played for his country in the 1990s, and his side are often compared with the current national team, which is led by the Everton playmaker.

“A controversy with me and James was formed in Colombia,” Rincon said to Peruvian outlet Pulso Sports, pointing out that he played at three World Cups – in 1990, 1994, and 1998.

“To me, James seems to be a very good player who needs to sacrifice more. He needs to do a lot more to be called a ‘crack’ [meaning an elite player].”

Rincon also believes that James‘ standing is overblown by his supporters, who attack anyone who speaks anything other than glowing praise for the ex-Real Madrid player.

“I have nothing to say about him,” Rincon said. “Firstly because I don’t know him.

“He said that he was the best Colombian player of all time. I respect everyone’s ego and if he believes that, then I respect it.

“But after a question about Colombian players, I realised he wanted to put me down. When he was asked about me, he said ‘Freddy Rincon is below all of us’, which seemed a bit much to me.

“He has become untouchable. Whoever speaks ill of him, all of his fans are on top of.”

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