Freixa on Barcelona election date change: We’ll always be on the side of the electoral board

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Freixa on Barcelona election date change: We'll always be on the side of the electoral board

Barcelona presidential pre-candidate Toni Freixa has given his backing to the club’s electoral board as controversy rages over a possible change to the date of the elections.

With the pandemic leading to severe restrictions in Catalonia, there have been suggestions that the elections should be delayed.

“We’re not against it. We support the electoral board and will conform with the decision they take,” Freixa said.

“What we have to try to achieve is that the president of Barcelona is chosen by the highest number of club members possible.

“I think participation is a value to preserve; we would be stronger as a club if more members vote.

“We leave it up to the electoral board, I’m sure that whatever they decide will be the right decision.”

When asked on if he thinks that the vote will go ahead on January 24, but Freixa refused to commit to either side of the debate.

“I’ve been talking about this since August, with the vote of no confidence, in the situation that we are in… we’re in the hands of the electoral board, who have all the attributes and are in contact with the Catalan government and the authorities,” he said.

“You have to preserve the integrity and the health of members. We will always be on the side of the electoral board and the club.

“We won’t try to manage decisions when we are not the board.”

Freixa also spoke about Lionel Messi and his future.

“At Barcelona you have to manage responsibly, renewing Messi‘s contract has an indirect impact on finances,” he responded.

“The Espai Barca is a priority, we won’t prioritise it over Messi; you can do two things at once.”

Freixa is one of the candidates hoping to be in the running for the election.

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