Gauthier Mvumbi, Baby Shaq, says goodbye to the World Championship as MVP

Handball Lost to Bahrain

Mvumbi .
Mvumbi .

The Democratic Republic of the Congo won a lot of supporters during the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship due to Gauthier Mvumbi‘s presence, but they are now condemned to competing in the President’s Handball Cup.

A 34-27 defeat to Bahrain saw them crash out on Tuesday, despite Mvumbi‘s best efforts.

Mvumbi ended the game as MVP, scoring 13 goals from 14 attempts and, at 110 kilos in weight and measuring at 1.92 metres in height, he proved himself capable of performing on a stage greater than he is used to competing on.

Mvumbi won a lot of supporters and even attracted the attention of one of his heroes for his performances, with Shaquille O’Neal sending him a personal message on social media.

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