Great Britain won’t give their Olympic athletes vaccine priority

Olympic Games Said it would be morally wrong

Great Britain won't give their Olympic athletes vaccine priority

Whilst the plan remains for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo this summer, Great Britain has announced that they won’t be giving their athletes COVID-19 vaccine priority, citing it as morally wrong.

Rumours continue to spread that the Olympics won’t even be able to be held this summer anyway, despite the fact strict PCR testing protocols had been put in place for when athletes actually touched down in Japan.

“It would be completely wrong from a moral point of view to seek the option of athletes, in perfect physical condition, to skip the waiting for the vaccine,” the president of the British Olympic Committee, Hugh Robertson, explained in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“We can’t allow them to skip ahead of clinically vulnerable people and those on the front line fighting against the virus.

“It could hardly be justified that, for example, Dina Asher-Smith, is vaccinated before a policeman or a nurse.”

Whilst that is the position of the BOC, Robertson maintains his belief that there is no reason why the Games can’t be held even if athletes haven’t been vaccinated.

“Other precautions will be taken such as tests, social distancing and the bubble,” he confirmed.

“We have seen other elite sports do it and people have enjoyed them on television.

“The overwhelming majority of people can only access the Olympic Games through the media anyway, so that audience will still be there.”

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