Grosjean, two months on from Bahrain crash: I don’t have nightmares about it

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Grosjean, two months on from Bahrain crash: I don't have nightmares about it

Romain Grosjean has revealed that his crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix at the end of the 2020 season hasn’t had an adverse effect on his mental health.

After his Haas car crashed into the track barrier and burst into flames, many feared the Frenchman would not walk away alive.

However, Grosjean managed to pull himself free of his car and escaped with injuries just to his hands from the incident.

“I’ve not had nightmares or anything like that,” an honest Grosjean told Ouest France.

“We’ve worked on that with my psychologist, but I’ve not had any mental problem and I’m happy about that.

“The accident is still a very big moment in my life and one of my most important experiences. But I’m still here today.”

In terms of the physical impact of the crash, the 34-year-old revealed that he’d torn the ligament between his thumb and the rest of his hand, which needs medical assistant to heal. He also suffered severe burns on his hands.

“Even emptying a cup of water is something that can do something wrong to my thumb and I’m very aware of that now,” Grosjean added.

“It’s very new and delicate skin, which is very sensitive.”

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