Harden: Moving to the Nets doesn’t guarantee me an NBA title

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Harden: Moving to the Nets doesn't guarantee me an NBA title

James Harden discussed his title chances upon arriving at the Brooklyn Nets following his trade from the Houston Rockets.

The former MVP’s unhappiness in Texas was well documented as he made several public comments about the team’s sub-standard.

Now at the Nets alongside the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, many believe he now has a better shot at the NBA title.

“It’s not a guarantee that me coming to Brooklyn is guaranteeing a title, but I think for me, giving myself a chance is very, very important,” Harden said at his presentation with the Nets.

“[When I was] younger, giving myself a chance [was important], but wanting to get paid and wanting to take care of my family was very, very important to me.

“Now, at this stage of my career, it’s giving myself a chance to do something that I haven’t accomplished yet in this league. That’s very important to me now, and that’s the situation that I’m in. That’s why I’m here in Brooklyn. I’m excited for the opportunity.

“Obviously, we know it’s not easy. It’s not going to be easy at all. But with this roster, this coaching staff and this organisation, I think we have a legit chance.”

Harden also discussed his exit from the Rockets, which wasn’t the friendliest.

“I wasn’t disrespectful to anyone,” he added. “Those guys had just got there to Houston. I’ve been there for a very long time.

“I’ve been through all the ups and downs with that organisation, and I wasn’t disrespectful towards anyone.

“I just made a comment that the team as a whole wasn’t good enough to compete for a title. And the stage in my career where I am now, that’s what I would love.

“So, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to anybody, especially not to the organization. Like I said, I’m excited to be here in Brooklyn, excited for a new start.”

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