Harden’s radical change: Was he fat or just putting it on?

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Harden's radical change: Was he fat or just putting it on?

James Harden made his Brooklyn Nets debut on Saturday, looking far more trim than he did with the Houston Rockets not long ago.

As soon as he went out to warm up, Harden immediately appeared a different person, and it didn’t take long for social media to notice it.

The change from the bloated figure just four days prior to the slim figure he presented on Saturday was so drastic that some even suspect that Harden was putting it on at the Rockets to force a move.

Some conspiracy theorists have even gone as far as claiming that Harden was wearing a fat suit to frustrate his former employers and to allow him to move on more easily.

In any case, Harden ended up as the star of the show on his debut, netting his first triple-double to help his side to a 122-115 victory over the Orlando Magic.

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