Jackson: Atletico Madrid treated me for a sprain, but I knew that wasn’t the problem

Atletico Madrid The Colombian has opened up

Jackson Martinez and the injury that ended his career: Atletico Madrid treated me for a sprain, but I knew that wasn't the problem
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Jackson Martinez‘s career was ended prematurely because of persistent injury problems.

The Colombian strikers was one of the hottest players in Europe before joining Atletico Madrid, but things went wrong fast for him in the Spanish capital.

“It was a struggle after 2015,” Martinez said in an interview with Win Sports’ Primer Toque. “A lot of people told me not to give up, and I didn’t. But I couldn’t go on an I should have.

“It was five years of fighting. My injury occurred in the game against Chile in 2015.

“I came to Atletico Madrid and they started treating me for a sprain, when I knew that wasn’t what the problem was. I had the injury about five times by then.

“I knew it wasn’t that because of the pain I felt. My ankle didn’t swell. But I didn’t know how serious it was.

“I kept going. I went back onto the pitch and went on with discomfort, because the doctors told me that I didn’t have anything serious.”

Martinez then left for China, but things didn’t improve.

“I was on the end of a strong tackle in China that almost broke my tibia,” he said. “That made everything worse.

“I kept playing on the injury, and in the end I couldn’t take a step.”

After a spell at Portimonense, Jackson decided to hang up his boots and devote himself to music, which has always been a hobby of his.

“I had offers, but I didn’t want to go somewhere and not exert myself,” he said. “I could have played for longer at another club, but I could have done more damage to myself.”

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