Japan insist that they still plan to host the Olympic Games

Olympic Games Confident they can beat the coronavirus

The Olympic Games in Japan
The Olympic Games in Japan

The Japanese government are insisting that the Olympic Games scheduled for this coming summer should go ahead as planned in Tokyo.

Rumours have surfaced suggesting that the Games were set to be cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Times even reported that they are set to be cancelled, but that’s not the message coming out of the host country.

“I’m determined to host a safe Games while working closely with the local Tokyo government, the Games’ organising committee and the IOC,” said Japan’s prime minister Yoshihide Suga.

Suga insisted that the Games could serve as “proof of humanity’s victory against COVID-19,” which is the message the Japanese authorities have been sending since March.

British newspaper The Times had published a story suggesting that Japan had come to the understanding that the Games going ahead this summer was impossible, and said that “the government’s goal now is to secure the Tokyo Games for 2032, the next available year”.

But Seiko Hashimoto, the minister responsible for the Games, denied those reports on Friday.

“We will make every effort towards the realisation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer,” Hashimoto said.

“Japan is doing everything possible to control the pandemic and is taking the necessary measures for the Games to go ahead.”

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