Joe Biden: Presidential speech and first policies

Joe Biden Economy, pandemic, climate, migration

Joe Biden: Presidential speech and first policies

Joe Biden takes over at the White House at a rather precarious moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing medical and economic chaos, plus a society fractured after four divisive years of Donald Trump.

In Biden‘s presidential speech, he is expected to make an appeal to unity as he is obliged to attempt to heal the country in more than one sense of the word.

His campaign spoke of wanting to restore the ‘soul of the United States’ and this will no doubt be mentioned in his inauguration, along with a two billion dollar plan to stimulate the economy.

Biden is expected to signal his intention to move the US out of Trump‘s shadow, embracing a more responsible approach to climate change and a more humane one to migration, while also shunning the isolationism of the previous regime.

Tighter measures to tackle COVID-19 are expected, but Biden and Kamala Harris might face an even bigger challenge in bringing the US together, with just 30 percent of Republicans believing their election victory was legitimate.

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