Jon Jones shoots boar from a helicopter and infuriates critics with apology

UFC One shot, one kill, lots of bacon

Jon Jones shoots boer

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has enraged fans and animal rights activists with a video on social media showing him shooting a boar.

The video on Instagram shows him following the animal from a helicopter, shooting straight from the chopper.

“One shot, one kill, lots of bacon,” Jones wrote as a caption of the video.

“Was an honor hunting with medal of honor recipient Patrick Payne.”

After backlash from followers, the fighter was forced to issue an apology, though it was far from sincere.

“I apologise if this video makes some of you guys uncomfortable, at the same time I’m excited for my shipment of meat to get to Albuquerque,” Jones responded.

“I took my time with that first shot to make sure the animal did not suffer. Bet half you guys that are offended eats sausages and bacon on a daily basis.”

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