Jordi Cruyff: My father would have voted for Laporta

FC Barcelona – La Liga Also spoke about Font’s candidacy

Joan Laporta and Jordi Cruyff
Joan Laporta and Jordi Cruyff

Joan Laporta remains one of the favourite to win the Barcelona presidential race and he would have received Johan Cruyff‘s vote were the Dutch legend still alive.

That’s what his son, Jordi Cruyff, has claimed.

Barcelona fans want to return to the good times,” Jordi Cruyff told Casena SER’s ‘El Larguero’ programme.

Laporta made good and daring decisions and people long for those good times at Barcelona, both on and off the pitch.

“The banner in Madrid was a very clear act. Few words and very clear.

Laporta and my father always got along well. They collaborated many times, and also on a personal level for many years.

“I think he would have voted for Laporta.”

The Shenzhen FC coach then played down his links to Victor Font‘s candidacy.

“I stay on the sidelines, I work for a club in China that takes great care of me and wants to grow,” he said.

“But it’s a source of pride that Barcelona candidates or people think of you.

“This is my special club. Let the members decide who is the best candidate.”

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