Jurgen Klopp confirms managers will meet Premier League to discuss Covid-19 issues

Jurgen Klopp has confirmed managers will meet with the Premier League on Thursday to discuss ongoing Covid-19 issues, including player welfare.

Games have been postponed regularly due to positive coronavirus tests but England’s top flight have confirmed they won’t make any changes to their current festive schedule of matches.


Liverpool beat Leicester on penalties on Wednesday in the Carabao Cup and have to play league matches on 26 and 28 December. Their fixture list will get even more packed in 2022, with two semi final legs against Arsenal on the horizon.

“I don’t just speak about player welfare this year, I have been speaking about it for six years or maybe longer,” Klopp said after the Leicester victory.

“If the things I say would help more, I would say it much more often. But it doesn’t help. The only thing I do with these messages is I create headlines. They never arrive at the right places.

“Tomorrow we have a meeting at 4pm but it’s with the Premier League and not with the EFL, I’m not sure if they are involved or not.

“I said it before, I would prefer only one semi-final. But I can’t see any kind of changes actually.”

There has been talk of the Carabao Cup semi finals being shortened to one leg like last year. There won’t be replays in the third and fourth rounds of the FA Cup and Klopp admitted he would prefer one match over playing two.

“I think it would be better with one game absolutely, but obviously what I say is not too important,” he added.

“If there are two games, then we will play two games. But it would be helpful if there was only one, true.

“If the draw has us at Arsenal, I’m fine with that – we play there and see who is better and go for it.”

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