Larry Flynt’s funeral to feature strippers, alcohol and be open to the public

Film At the Hustler Club in Las Vegas

Larry Flynt's funeral to feature strippers, alcohol and be open to the public

Larry Flynt, considered to be one of the kings of porn and the founder of the magazine Hustler, will have a funeral in the manner that he lived life.

The attendees will be able to enjoy the presence of strippers while drinking alcohol, just like they were at a party.

Larry Flynt, who passed away last Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, California, will be laid to rest next weekend, according to the website TMZ, which revealed in detail how this last tribute will take place.

The famous Hustler Club in Las Vegas, which he ran, will be the epicentre of the party designed to honour his memory.

Not even the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic will spoil the party, as although regulations prevent a maximum of four people at a table, the organisers have already ensured that the social distancing inside the venue will be respected.

In fact, far from being a private party, the event will be open to anyone who wants to bid Larry Flynt his last farewell. They will only have to be over 21 years of age and pay the 50 dollars (just over 40 euros) entrance fee.

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