Madrid’s anger over Friday’s travel ridiculousness grows

Real Madrid – La Liga Not happy with LaLiga

Sergio Ramos arriving in Pamplona
Sergio Ramos arriving in Pamplona

Real Madrid are preparing to stay in Pamplona after Saturday night’s match against Osasuna, which is scheduled for 21:00 CET.

After their travel ordeal in flying from Madrid to Pamplona, with Los Blancos forced to wait for three and a half hours before takeoff due to the adverse weather in the capital, the decision has been taken to stay in the Navarre city after playing Osasuna.

Barajas Airport in Madrid has been closed and no news on the airport’s status will come until 20:00 CET, while snow is expected to continue in the capital until 22:00 CET, so Real Madrid have decided not to risk going through another travel ordeal. They’ll instead stay at their hotel for an extra night.

The anger within the Real Madrid ranks over the travel drama of Friday night has grown, as LaLiga are believed to have forced Los Blancos to travel to Pamplona and to have taken the situation to the limit.

There are almost no dates for postponed matches to be moved to, so LaLiga didn’t want the match to be called off.

While Real Madrid understand the limitations of this season’s calendar, affected by the delayed end to last campaign, they didn’t understand LaLiga’s stubbornness and the pressure to travel to Pamplona by any means possible.

There are some doubts as to whether or not Osasuna vs Real Madrid will even be able to be played this Saturday night, as it started snowing in the region earlier on Saturday. The decision will ultimately be made by the Spanish federation’s competition committee.

The snow in Pamplona is another reason for staying an extra night. Even if the capital city’s runways are cleared for landing, it might not be possible to take off from Navarre.

Real Madrid are putting safety first and are staying the night in Pamplona, hoping that the conditions will have improved by Sunday and that they can return home then.

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