Malaysia Premier League final matchday permutations and what remain up for grabs

While the Malaysia Premier League champions and runners up have been confirmed, there are still a few things to be decided on the final matchday.

The final matchday of the Malaysia Super League and Malaysia Premier League will take place this weekend, and while the promoted teams and champions have been confirmed earlier in the second tier, there are still a few things that remain up for grabs.

What have been confirmed:

Pulau Pinang have an unassailable lead at the top of the standings with 26 points, and are the confirmed leaague winners.

Kuala Lumpur on 21 points meanwhile are the confirmed runners up and will follow the champions to the top tier next season.

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The top five non reserve-team outfits will qualify for the 2020 Malaysia Cup, and with Pulau Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, and Kuching FA having secured their places, only two spots remain up for grabs.

Premier League teams will not be relegated this season due to the fact that tiers three and lower have been abandoned this season due to Covid-19.


— Malaysian Football League (@MFL_MY) October 4, 2020Another chance at promotion?

While only the top two non-reserve team outfits will be promoted to the Super League next season, rumours surrounding Felda United’s future in the top tier have certainly encouraged Premier League teams to end the campaign as the third best non-reserve team outfit, in order to book their place as a possible replacement team in the Super League next season.

As it stands, the fight for the third-best non-reserve team outfit finish is a three-way battle between Kuching (13 points, away, Kuala Lumpur), Kelantan (12 points, away, JDT II) and Negeri Sembilan (11 points, home, Sarawak United).

For the Cats, a win will definitely guarantee them the third-best non-reserve team outfit finish, regardless of the two challengers’ results. Unfortunately for them, their match has been postponed to a yet-to-be specified date due to Covid-19 concerns.

A draw may suffice, if Kelantan draw or lose, and Negeri lose, draw or win without being able to reduce their -7 goal difference.

If they lose, the only way Kuching can obtain the third-best non-reserve team outfit finish is if Kelantan lose as well, and Negeri draw or lose.

Whereas for Kelantan, a win over JDT II alone is not enough to allow them to leapfrog the Cats; they also need Kuching to lose or draw.

A draw would suffice if Kuching lose and Negeri lose or draw, but not a defeat.

Negeri, the side with an outsider’s chance, have no other option but to win, while hoping that Kuching lose or draw (if Kuching draw, Negeri need to win by a big margin), and for Kelantan to lose or draw.

Malaysia Cup spots

But what is certainly still up for grabs is the two final Malaysia Cup spots, which is within the reach of even the current last-placed side.

Kelantan effectively only need to avoid losing by a huge margin, in the case of an unlikely huge win for both Kelantan United and UKM FC. A draw will suffice for them to book their spot.

For Negeri, a simple win will hand them a place in the cup. But if they are held at home by Sarawak, they can still qualify if Kelantan United or UKM do not win, or Kelantan lose by a huge margin, or both. If the Deer lose, they had better hope that neither Kelantan United nor UKM win.

Gassama Alfusainey, Kelantan United, Shunsuke Nakatake, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Premier League, 14032020

Kelantan United v Negeri Sembilan. Photo by Sports Regime

For league newcomers Kelantan United (9 points, home vs Selangor 2), a win alone is not enough; a huge Kelantan defeat may help, but a Negeri draw or defeat must also happen in order for them to grab a spot, while hoping that UKM do not beat Perak II by a bigger margin.

UKM (9 points, home vs Perak II) are in the same situation as Kelantan United, considering that they have the same number of points and goal difference (-7). But the difference is that for them to snatch a spot, Kelantan United need to drop points or win by a smaller margin than them.

Amazingly enough, last-placed Sarawak (8 points, away, Negeri) are also still with a chance to reach the Malaysia Cup, slim as it may be. In their case, only a win against Negeri will do, while hoping that Kelantan United and UKM drop points.


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All matchday 11 encounters will be held on Friday, October 9 at 9.00 pm Malaysian time, except for the postponed Kuala Lumpur v Kuching match.

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