Maradona scandal: Personal doctor forged signature on medical documents

Maradona In order to gain access to medical records

Maradona scandal: Personal doctor forged signature on medical documents

An investigation has found that Diego Maradona‘s doctor, Leopoldo Luque, forged the former footballer’s signature in key medical documents.

The news comes as more and more details emerge of the World Cup winner’s death of a heart attack in November.

An Argentine court found that Luque had forged Maradona‘s signature to gain access to the patient’s medical records.

“The three sheets were found together; it was something very obvious and very clumsy,” read findings of the attorney’s expert advice.

“The expert advice can only confirm the suspicion we already had concerning a falsification.”

An investigation into a possible culpable homicide is now underway and it remains to be seen what kind of action Luque faces.

The doctor came out and defended himself following Maradona‘s death in late 2020, stating that the former footballer was not a willing patient.

“Everybody used to look to me because they knew I was the only person that could get anything out of him,” Luque said.

“No one dared to go into his room and I was a facilitator. I got ignored in meetings, they only wanted me for that.”

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