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Messi | Barcelona Friday’s news on the Barcelona captain


Lionel Messi’s announcement that he wanted to leave Barcelona sent shockwaves around the world, with the story dominating the headlines since his decision was made public.

But on Friday evening, he gave an interview to in which he said he will stay for the 2020/21 season.

The reaction to that and all the day’s Messi developments were documented here in this live blog, with the most recent entries at the top.

22:00. That’s all from this live blog on the day when Messi backtracked and announced that he will stay with Barcelona for the 2020/21 season.

21:40. Panini had Messi on their official album for this season and have joked about how they never had any doubts.

Nunca lo habamos dudado

? Panini Cromos (@paninicromos) September 4, 2020

21:00. Barcelona have finally responded officially to Messi’s interview to They’ve posted one of his more flattering quotes on social media.

20:35. Messi’s decision has produced various memes. The best of them can be found here.

19:55. A couple of hours after the news about Messi’s continuation came out, Jorge and Rodrigo Messi have left the offices of the Messi Foundation.

19:25. Following his decision to stay, Messi will now return to Barcelona training. He’ll start working with Ronald Koeman for the first time, then.

18:30. Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart has spoken on Radio MARCA and believes Messi has added to his Barcelona legacy. “He has put himself at the level Di Stefano is at at Real Madrid by saying he wouldn’t go to court against the club of his life,” Gaspart said.

18:10. In Messi’s interview with, he is especially critical of Bartomeu. His quotes about the president are here.

18:05. Messi has revealed in the interview that the transfer saga was tough for his family. His comments on that are here.

18:00. OFFICIAL: Messi has revealed in an interview with that he is staying at Barcelona. “I thought and was sure that I was free to leave, the president always said that at the end of the season I could decide if I stayed or not,” he said. “Now they cling to the fact that I did not say it before June 10, when it turns out that on June 10 we were competing for LaLiga in the middle of this awful coronavirus and this disease altered all the season. And this is the reason why I am going to continue in the club. Now I am going to continue in the club because the president told me that the only way to leave was to pay the 700 million euro clause, and that this is impossible.”

17:47. It has been 21 days since Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2 in the Champions League quarter-finals, during which time Messi has kept quiet. Now, at 18:00 CEST, we are finally going to hear from the Barcelona captain.

17:38. Ten days after the infamous burofax, Lionel Messi will bring an end to this saga regarding his future… for this summer at least. Don’t forget that his contract runs until June 30, 2021, so he will be free to negotiate with other teams from January.

17:30. The football world is awaiting Lionel Messi’s announcement that he will stay at Barcelona. For now, though, the wait continues.

15:19. Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona, TyC Sports report. They are already speaking about it as if it were a fact, although Messi’s camp has thus far not said anything. “After a meeting on Tuesday between his father Jorge and the president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the 33-year-old Argentinean superstar decided to stay for one more season to avoid having to go to court, something that could also have meant a headache for his hypothetical new destination, which seemed to be Manchester City,” they said.



? TyC Sports (@TyCSports) September 4, 2020

14:59. LaLiga have issued a swift response to Messi’s statement. Read it here.

14:20. Jorge Messi has issued a statement on behalf of Lionel Messi in response to LaLiga’s claim that his contract at Barcelona is in place until June 30, 2021, with a release clause of 700 million euros. Read more here.

14:09. MARCA’s Alejandro Segura has informed us that the Messi family’s lawyer has left the Messi Foundation’s offices, where he was meeting Jorge Messi, the player’s father and agent. It seems that the statement is about to be released.

13:29. Former Argentina coach Alfio Basile has stated that Messi should stay at Barcelona and finish his career there. “I would say to Messi that he should stay at Barcelona, which is his team, which is his life,” Basile said on the ‘Noticies en Xarxa’ programme.

13:17. We are still waiting for Messi to issue a statement in response to LaLiga.

12:47. Rivaldo believes that Barcelona fans won’t whistle or boo Lionel Messi if he stays. Read more here.

12:34. Rodrigo Messi has entered the Messi Foundation’s offices, according to MARCA’s Alejandro Segura. Inside are Jorge Messi and the family’s lawyers.

12:16. Lionel Messi will soon issue a statement about his future. Surely this will confirm whether he will now stay at the club or if he will continue battling Barcelona.

10:24. Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father and agent, has just arrived at the Messi Foundation’s offices, MARCA’s Alejandro Segura has confirmed. The Argentine has another long day ahead.

10:12. Stuttgart launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and sign Messi, with the idea being to raise 900 million euros through money raised. It is clear that this is more of a campaign with a different purpose, but they hope that it will have an effect as it is for a good cause. Should Messi not join Stuttgart, 100 percent of the money will go to the ‘Viva con Agua’ charity.

Te estamos esperando – testem esperant, Leo!

Besonderer Dank auch an Dida fr den freiwilligen Verzicht auf die Nr. ! #VfB#Messi Falls es nicht klappen sollte, geht der Crowdfunding-Erls in jedem Fall an eine richtig gute Sache!

? VfB Stuttgart (@VfB) September 3, 2020

10:00. On Thursday night, Toni Freixa had access to Messi’s contract and explained to Catalunya Radio that there is nothing the Argentine can do. Perhaps this is why he’s now reconsidering his decision.

9:45. Philippe Coutinho has returned to training with Barcelona, but Messi still remains absent.

9:38. In Italy, Corriere dello Sport claim that should Messi end up staying at the Camp Nou, Luis Suarez will also stay as this was one of Jorge Messi’s requests. Suarez has been close to a move to Juventus.

9:08. Lionel Messi could do a U-turn and now stay at Barcelona. Read more about it here.

9:00. Good morning and welcome to this blog relating to Lionel Messi’s future at Barcelona.

Te estamos esperando – testem esperant, Leo!

Besonderer Dank auch an Dida fr den freiwilligen Verzicht auf die Nr. ! #VfB#Messi Falls es nicht klappen sollte, geht der Crowdfunding-Erls in jedem Fall an eine richtig gute Sache!

? VfB Stuttgart (@VfB) September 3, 2020

Anoche conocimos que Toni Freixa haba tenido acceso al contrato y al burofax de Messi segn cont en Catalunya Radio. Para el ex directivo y precandidato a la presidencia del club, Messi no tiene nada que hacer. Quizs por esto se est replanteando ahora dar un giro a la situacin.

De uno que busca una salida a otro que tambin… aunque de momento regresa. Es Coutinho, que tras acabar su cesin en el Bayern de Mnich, y con una Copa de Europa bajo el brazo, ha vuelto a la disciplina azulgrana y ya se est entrenando con el equipo. Eso s, la idea del brasileo, al igual que la del club, es una nueva salida. Aunque en esta ocasin ambos esperan que sea definitiva y en forma de traspaso.

Las posibilidades de que Luis Surez se vaya a la Juventus son altas. Slo un tema con el pasaporte tiene las negociaciones paradas… o eso parece. Porque ahora el Corriere dello Sport avanza en su edicin impresa de hoy que si Messi se queda en el Barcelona tambin lo har el uruguayo. Sera una de las peticione que habra puesto sobre la mesa Jorge Messi, padre del astro.

Una informacin similar se maneja en Argentina. El programa Fox Sports Radio dej dudas de que Surez se vaya de Barcelona. Habr que estar atentos porque el acuerdo entre la Juventus y Surez pareca total. Messi puede tener la llave de todo.

Otro de los temas que queda pendiente es el de la comparecencia de Leo ante los medios. Messi no ha hecho declaraciones en todo este tiempo. Solamente lo ha hecho su padre y fue para decir un par de frases entrecortadas en el aeropuerto y a la salida de su domicilio. La aficin quiere escuchar de su propia voz los motivos que le han llevado a esta situacin. Y Leo tambin sabe que tendr que hablar antes o despus. De hecho, su comparecencia se espera como la llave que desbloquee todo, para un lado o para el otro.

Como decimos, el caso Messi podra haber dado un giro inesperado y ahora el crack argentino estara meditando quedarse en el Barcelona una temporada ms para luego abandonar el club con la carta de libertad al haber finalizado su contrato. La postura inflexible del club le ha llevado a replantearse todo, ya que de seguir forzando la situacin, todo podra acabar en los tribunales, algo que desea evitar Leo porque no quiere irse mal del club de su vida.

Muy buenos das a todos. Arrancamos un nuevo da del caso Messi. Ya hace 10 das que estall la bomba con aquel burofax del argentino a las oficinas del club y, poco a poco, estamos ms cerca del final del culebrn, el cual podra haber pegado un giro inesperado con el cambio de planes de Messi. As que no os perdis nada de lo que os vayamos contando de ya mismo.

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