Messi dispels Ronaldo myth by following in his footsteps

Cristiano Ronaldo is often branded a ‘penalty merchant’ by Lionel Messi fans – but has the tide now turned in this debate?

Ronaldo has kept pace with Messi’s goal scoring output over the years, which is quite remarkable to think. We have had two players at the top level who have averaged near enough a goal a game over the past decade.

The Portugal international deserves due credit for his extraordinary efficiency in front of goal, but the narrative that some Barcelona fans will push is that he’s had a leg-up from the penalty spot.

just a little reminder that ronaldo is penalty merchant+ suarez is better than him

— Bxii (@TvLgamer) October 24, 2020

Leo Messi reached 300 Assists yesterday, man has 81 more Assists than Penaldo in 141 less games.

This is the reason why Penaldogians exclude assists from stats ??

Unbelievable, ridiculous, monstrous numbers.

— Revenant (@HereHeIsAgain) October 29, 2020

Regardless of what you think about players padding their stats from 12-yards, a goal is a goal, and we’ve seen plenty of examples where having someone reliable from the spot is a huge weapon for clubs.

It’s for that reason that we mean not to knock Messi here, but rather shed light on the truth. Messi has had a huge helping hand from penalties this season – more so than ‘Penaldo’ ever has.

Lionel Messi’s last four goals have come from the penalty spot for the first time in his professional career (club and country).

Cristiano Ronaldo has never done this ?

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) October 28, 2020

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As much as it pains us to admit it, Messi and Ronaldo are tailing off ever so slightly. You can’t hold it against them, they’re the wrong side of 30 now, but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach.

If they have to assume penalty duty in order to keep the goals flying in, so be it, but no longer should Ronaldo be the only one mentioned when it comes to buffing his numbers from the spot.

In many ways, Messi has dispelled the myth that Ronaldo is carried by his penalty output by following in his footsteps. It ought to be commended when you find the back of the net from 12-yards – not held against you.

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