Messi ‘sneaks’ into the Super Bowl with Brady, Jordan and Gretzky

FC Barcelona – La Liga Considered among the best athletes

Messi ahead of the game against Real Betis.
Messi ahead of the game against Real Betis.
Ramon Navarro

Leo Messi made an appearance in Sunday’s Super Bowl, as the Argentine was considered among the greatest ever athletes.

An image of the Argentine appeared on US television in a debate over who was the best sportsman of all time.

In a graphic titled ‘The GOATS, by sport’ Messi lined up next to Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky with their respective achievements highlighted.

It mentioned that Messi had four Champions League to his name, while Brady’s six (now seven) Super Bowls, Jordan’s six NBA titles and Gretzky’s four NHL Stanley Cups were highlighted.

Various Barcelona players had an eye on Sunday night’s Super Bowl, with Gerard Pique and Antonie Griezmann tweeting their opinions as the game unfolded.

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