Mourinho follows Zidane’s approach with Bale: I cannot give players minutes

Real Madrid – La Liga Welshman has to earn playing time

Bale and Mourinho
Bale and Mourinho

Gareth Bale has played just 160 minutes in the Premier League since his Tottenham Hotspur return and coach Jose Mourinho has explained that his players have to earn playing time through training.

The Portuguese coach also stressed that Bale lacks consistency in training and that once he manages to work out with no fitness issues, he will be able to get more opportunities.

“I cannot give players minutes, minutes on the pitch is not something I can give, so I’m not going in this direction,” Mourinho declared.

“We all know the difficulties he had for a couple of seasons, we all know that he arrived injured, we all know that even this season [has been] a little bit up and down with small things.

“The most important thing for him is to be consistent, training without any problems and when a player is consistent in training, high intensity without any kind problems then the player is ready.

“Not to be given minutes, but is ready to earn minutes, and that for me is a difference.

“This week he is working every minute like everybody else at a good intensity and let’s see the way that he reacts to the accumulation of that kind of work and let’s see how he reacts by the end of the week.”

Bale‘s future remains uncertain as the Welshman has only participated in four of the 17 matches disputed by his team in the Premier League due to fitness issues.

The Real Madrid loanee will have to return to his parent club at the end of the season if Tottenham Hotspur decide against signing him on a permanent deal.

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